Here are some questions & answers on using,
all in all pretty straight-forward,
still better to have some basic explanation and tips on using it.

> why is the song that I hear different from the song/artist information displayed? how can I fix this?

at times when song changes there might be that the artist/song/cover information displayed at does not change immediately, this is due to the internet browser not having refreshed the page information yet.

All you have to do to have it display the correct information is to have your browser refresh, either by clicking on the refresh button thay usually is on the browser toolbar or, alternatively, simply just by pressing the 'F5' button on the keyboard.

> how do I listen to the music playing?

either click on the 'Listen now' button, which will launch the music stream via 'Windows Media Player', or any of the other icons left to the 'Listen now' button. From left to right these are the following : 'E-Radio' icon that will launch the 'E-Radio' player, 'Apple Macintosh' icon with instructions on how to listen to te stream on a Mac computer, 'WinAmp' icon to listen to on WinAmp (if installed) and the 'Windows Media Player' icon which basically does the same thing as when clicking on 'Listen now'.

In any case, just click on 'Listen now' button and chances are that after a few seconds you will be listening to our music stream, alternatively try the 'E-Radio' player as a next step.

If you still can not listen to the music playing then it might be that there is a connection error either on our end (happens occassionally) or at your side (also happens from time to time we would guess).
Anyhow, best would be to try again, most likely will work fine then.

> music suddenly stopped, what should I do?

at first, wait for a couple of seconds as it might be ok and fix itself. Iin case not try relaunching any of the services that play the broadcast, directions on this can be found right above.

> what are the many icons next to the artist cover for? was designed with the purpose of providing the listener access to lots of information on the artist/group currently playing – information that in general is widely available on the internet today.

As such, besides the basic information of artist name/song title/cover of the song being broadcasted that are displayed on the home page, pop-i fm also provides direct access to further information that can be found on various 3rd party services (such as 'Myspace' band page, 'Youtube' videos, 'Grüvr' concerts lists, Lyrics wiki, 'Discogs' artist discography, 'Imeem', 'Lala', Wikipedia and 'Amazon'). Just click on these to be taken to these specialized sites and get further information on the artists playing on

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