Hope you enjoy our service, here's some further information on pop-i.fm:

> pop-i fm – what is it?

pop-i fm is a new internet radio station broadcasting 24 hours a day just music, without any ads or speaker comments throughout the day – just good selected music.

> another internet radio station, why?

To cover a gap in the offering of internet radio stations that exist nowadays, by playing and promoting a range of pop music that we believe is not well covered or at times even might remain undiscovered. At the same time to offer a source of entertainment and information to the listener who has interest in the music genres that pop-i fm focuses on, always combining both fresh new releases along with beloved classics.

> and what music does it feature?

‘Pop’ in a broad sense of meaning – which we believe has the dynamic to include an extended range of different musical genres : pop, rock, funk, electro and other.

The essence of ‘pop’ music comes down to the format of the songs and compositions, genres and categories can vary, however a good pop song at the core stands apart for the strength and appeal of it’s composition.
In any case, Pop-Rock is the main genre of the station.

What is more, the promotion of new releases and music is a basic aspect of pop-i fm, a special hourly show is broadcasting twice a day for this purpose.

> does it have any variety during the day?

There are different type of shows and musical zones during the day, schedule can be seen here.

> what else does it offer?

pop-i.fm was designed with the purpose of providing the listener access to lots of information on the artist/group currently playing – information that in general is widely available on the internet today.

As such, besides the basic information of artist name/song title/cover of the song being broadcasted that are displayed on the home page, pop-i fm also provides direct access to further information that can be found on various 3rd party services (such as Myspace, Youtube, Grüvr, Lyrics wiki, Discogs, Last fm, Wikipedia and Amazon).

As an added feature, listeners can also vote for the songs being played – those with highest ratings are being broadcasted in a weekly ‘top rated’ special show.

> anything else?

pop-i fm schedule is set to run as per Central European Time (CET), in order to have a time schedule suitable for audiences across Europe and further – after all pop music is universal!

> a couple of words to describe pop-i fm finally.

pop-i fm was made out of love for good pop music and the interest to bring such music to people that share such interest but might not have the time to keep up and search through the overwhelming offering of new releases.

All in all, pop-i fm can be summarized in the text that goes with it’s logo:

24/7 just music – no talk, no ads – just music.
Pop, Rock, Funk, Electro & many other.
Fresh, hot releases along with precious old stuff!
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